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Get the best value for your money with Synchro insurance, the perfect marriage between your auto and home insurance that could make you save hundreds!

Up to $4001
for Home Owners

Combine and you could save up to 15%1 on your home insurance and up to 10%1 on your car insurance.

Up to $1801
for Tenants

Combine and you could save up to 15%1 on your tenant insurance and up to 10%1 on your car insurance.

Up to $1401
for Condo owners

Combine and you could save up to 10%1 on your car insurance and up to 5%1 on your condo insurance.

Getting insured with Intact Insurance has its benefits

Enjoy the convenience

Take advantage of coverage, savings and exclusive benefits that will make your life easier. If a claim involves both your home and auto, save time by dealing only with Intact Insurance. Save money by having to pay only one deductible.

We are there when you need us

We'll help get you trough the claim process as quickly as possible, provide advice about what to do next and walk you trought it every step. You're guaranteed to open the claim in less than 30 minutes and access a 24/7 local claims service.

Online Services

Get on-demand access to your insurance information with the Intact Insurance App and Client Centre. Access your info or contact your broker. Anytime. Anywhere.

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